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Erica Matteson, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), LCCE more doulas
What I enjoy the most about being a doula in this group is our diversity.  We are able to support many types of women and the array of birth choices that comes with them.  We are able to support each other in our personal growth and learn what tolerance really means. We all bring such wonderful spirits and wisdom, I wouldn't change a thing.  As a Christian it is nice to find a place where we can have this diversity and still honor our own paths.  

I have been supporting women and their families for the past 22 years but it wasn't until experiencing a VBAC with my third son that I found doula support.  Since then my experiences in providing birth support for other women have run the full spectrum of care, including unmedicated homebirths, scheduled c-sections and deliveries of multiples.  I am able to say that I support families where they are at.  I give non-judgmental information and back it up with evidence.  

Volunteering with Nursing Mothers Counsel as a peer counselor, pump station and working as their Project Administrator bought more understanding of the postpartum time and through the DONA International postpartum training I enhanced my education.  

Birth and postpartum is a lost time in many respects.  Doulas bring back the normalcy by supporting choices, alleviating fear through thoughtful education and being the link to the larger community.  

At this time I am supporting our community in a larger way through Sante' Mama, a maternity boutique in Vancouver, WA.  We focus on what mamas need, lactation support and billing insurance for support.  Click here for more information on Sante' Mama.

Contact the office to request doula or lactation support:
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Doulas are non-medical professionals who support women and families in Labor and Postpartum.   They are trained in the normal course of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care.  They are not qualified to give medical advice, please use the information on this website as a general guide.

Always check with your Care Provider to be sure that you are doing what will be best for you and your baby.

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