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Kelly is expecting her 2nd baby!  She will be taking clients again soon!  
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Pregnancy and childbirth is exhilarating, irritating, overwhelming, and joyful all at once.  It is natural and normal and women have been having babies since forever...yet it is also unknown.  Each person’s perspective and experience is unique and special.  Each journey has it's own challenges and rewards, and each deserves unwavering support.  I believe that being heard and supported, knowing your choices and being validated in them, is essential.  I am a listening ear; I offer a warm heart and deep empathy as well as a strong shoulder to lean on.  My aim is to give every mother I support the space they need, the resources they want, and help in accessing information to make their own choices.   Most of all, my hope is for you to feel like you were able to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.  It’s a rare privilege to be part of your life during this time.  

Birth has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.  I can still recall as a small child not being able to tear myself away from the television when a woman was depicted having a baby.  As I grew up I never lost that sense of awe and wonder, but it took me a long time to figure out how I could translate it into my working life.  Discovering the doula profession and eventually becoming a birth doula was a true revelation and I know that I have found exactly what I’m meant to be doing.

I received my training in Portland, OR and have been a doula here since 2005.  In that time I've gained experience not only working in private practice, but also as a doula and board member with PDX Doulas (a nonprofit group working at Oregon Health and Science University).  I have experience in non-medicated and medicated hospital birth, cesarean birth, and VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  I speak some French, Spanish, and Italian, and I am comfortable assisting families whose first language may not be English.  I find that support, oftentimes, is non-verbal and can transcend language and cultural barriers.

Congratulations to you as you embark on this journey!  It will be an amazing one and I would be honored to support you.

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Always check with your Care Provider to be sure that you are doing what will be best for you and your baby.

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